About Us

Gastronomie France in intended to provide qualified Francophone international candidates in the catering industry (hotels, restaurants, wine …) for an internship in France within an institution of renown.

  • Gastronomie France is an association law 1901 non-profit headquartered in France.

Our missions are mainly:

        • To promote professional exchanges between international students in hospitality, gastronomy and oenology and hotels and the catering trade in France
        • To promote the image of the hotel business and gastronomy French international
        • Share and discover our rich gastronomic heritage, history and culture to foreign students
        • Tell especially the French hoteliers and restaurateurs international
        • Provide the capital gain some training interns


Gastronomie France is installed geographically steps from LYON, regarded by many as the world’s capital of gastronomy. Surrounded by regions of Dombes, the Dauphiné and Bresse, near the Savoy where eating well is an ancestral tradition. Gastronomie France is close to the hostel Collonges au Mont d’Or and the famous chef Paul Bocuse great cook, founder of one of the largest catering schools.
Gastronomie France is bordered by renowned wine regions, such as Burgundy, Beaujolais and the Rhone Valley.
It is in this context and because the cuisine is a passion for members of Gastronomie France that this program was designed.

Our Values

More generally, each region of France with its own wine and culinary identity that the association wants to promote Gastronomy France by making known and sharing the international level through the transmission of knowledge.

In fact, the association Gastronomie France carries the values of sharing, mutual assistance and cooperation.

Meanwhile, the culture of tableware and expertise to the French, rooted deep in our history, make it a popular lifestyle and envied abroad we propose to highlight and to pass internationally through this program.

The President of Gastronomie France.

Jacques NIVARD