Money in France

The single European currency is the Euro (€). The Euro is the official currency of the Member States of the European Union including France belongs. You can usually do exchange your currency:

French banks
Exchange offices

To get an idea of ​​the conversion rate between the euro and currency, you can go to an Internet currency converter.

We recommend that you do not have too much cash on you on the go and prefer to pay by credit card. Be aware that small traders will usually take the bank card that from 10 to 15 euros.

Medical Information

Recommended vaccinations:

Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG)
Hepatitis B

You must make an appointment with your doctor 4 to 6 weeks before you leave for that vaccines have time to take effect.

Treatment in France:

You can find general practitioners (or specialists), in hospitals or medical offices.

Night services:

You can contact a doctor by calling SAMU: Call the emergency number 15 (no charge). There is also an important duty pharmacies network in the city.

In an emergency, you can refer to the section below: useful numbers


Medical Insurance:

For the citizens of the Schenghen space: ask your E111 health insurance form. In some countries, this form is replaced by a European Health Insurance Card.
For other countries: you must get in touch with an insurance company in your country to cover all cases of sickness or accident that might occur during your stay in France


Check before leaving that you are insured.
Medical information before coming in France

Important phone numbers
Emergency numbers (toll free call)

Emergencies always happen in the most unexpected moments, which is why we advise you to keep these numbers stored in your phone.

Pompiers (fire, accident and medical emergencies): 18

First Aid and Emergency in France

SAMU (medical emergencies in the city): 15
S.O.S. doctors: 0820 33 24 24
Police: 17
Poison Control: 01 40 05 48 48
Loss and credit card theft: 0892705705
Loss and theft of valuables: 0821 00 25 25

Useful Numbers

Taxi: 01 45 30 30 30

Carte Bleue, Mastercard

Information: 118 218
Tourist Office: 0892 68 30 00
American Express 01 47 77 70 00 or 01 47 77 72 00,
Eurocard / Mastercard: 01 45 67 84 84
Visa: 01 42 77 11 90 or 01 42 77 45 45 or 08 36 69 08 80,

How to call a French number?

To call France from abroad, dial 00 33 (or +33) followed by the number without the initial 0.
Example: the French number is 01 45 63 24 00, you need to dial 0033 1 45 63 24 00

How to call from France to France gold

To call a French number in France, dial the 10-digit number directly.
Example: 01 45 63 24 00 To call an international number from France:
You must dial 00 followed by the country code you want to call

More information

Find an address or phone number:
Find a map of your route:


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