We invite you to meet some of our candidates who share their testimonial about their experience in France.

Testimony of Vanessa Lucy Mamani

Testimony of  Acserge Accimeus

Testimony of  Gésica Monsalve

Testimony of  Alejandra Moya

Testimony of Hector Sanchez

Testimony of Warner Bolton-Fisher

Testimony of  Victoria Quispe

Testimony of   Isabella Silva

Testimony of  Yulitza Rojas & Leonardo Forero

Testimony of  Sebastián Garzón

Testimony of Daniel Márquez

Testimonial from Ophélie Juillard, General Manager:

Gastronomie France offered me a candidate that met my expectations from the beginning. The organization took care of the visa aspect and always had clear communication throughout our experience. I highly recommend Gastronomie France! “

Méribel – Mottaret 73550 France

Testimony of Mr. J.B HERMANN Director of a hotel restaurant in Alsace who has a Gastronomie France candidate in his team. He explains the process between Gastronomie France and the partner establishments for the arrival of a candidate.


Testimony of Juan Luis López from México on his experience in France in a renowned establishment with Gastronomie France.


Testimony of Héctor Sánchez from México on his experience in France in a renowned establishment with Gastronomie France.


Testimony of  David OSPINA.

Testimony of  David PABON.

Testimony of  Evelin BEDOYA and Pablo ALARCON


Testimony of  Lezzeth Botero

Testimony of  Mateo and Mariana,

Professional candidates – Started the process with Gastronomie France.


Testimony of  Facundo Maroñas

Facundo is an Argentinean chef, graduated from the International Gastronomic Institute of Buenos Aires and from the Gato Dumas Cooking School of Buenos Aires.

He worked in a 4-star hotel in France as a chef for 5 months.


Experiences of Juan Carlos Lizama

Juan Carlos is a Chilean cook and pastry chef, graduated from the Chilean university INACAP he worked in France.

He realized his experience in France as a pastry chef trainee for a period of 6 months in a 4-star hotel in the beautiful Alps region.

Chef Mathieu Chartron invites you to be part of his team in France!


Chef Uri Pinchas invites you to join his team in FRANCE.


Chef Kimberly gives us a few words about learning and realizing a culinary career.