Are you the owner or chef of a hotel or restaurant in France, Belgium or Morocco? Are you interested in foreign talent in your team?

Our candidates, aged between 18 and 35, are graduates of culinary and hotel schools around the world. They are students looking for an internship to validate their training, or recent graduates looking for an experience that will enable them to acquire gastronomic and cultural knowledge.

Our interns and recent graduates have varied profiles and are looking for professional experience in the following areas:

  • Kitchen: chef de cuisine, assistant chef, chef de partie, pastry chef, baker.
  • Dining room: chef de salle, butler, maître d’hôtel, waiter, commis de salle, sommelier, bartender.
  • Reception: reception manager, receptionist.

Thanks to our program, profiles can acquire French language levels, enabling them to improve their experience more and more!

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Contact us at the following address:
Phone: +33 970 403 242