Héctor Daniel Sánchez Hernández

From a very young age, this passion about Gastronomy started with our Internship and professional experience program in conjunction with his University, La Concordia in Aguascalientes. Despite his initial fear and the uncertainty he faced when starting his adventure, in 2018 he had the opportunity to live a unique experience in the South of France near Nimes thanks to Gastronomie France. He fell in love with French culture so much that he decided not to leave his dream behind, so he reapplied again with GF in 2019. Currently, in 2023, he is in France with the goal of continuing to learn from all his kitchen team and continue to grow in his career. A story that began as an intern, that has now become a Commis of Cuisine and that his ultimate goal is to become a Chef!

David Márquez Giraldo

At 20 years old, this young man was not satisfied with just dreaming about his goal, he pursued it until he achieved it! He decided to work tirelessly to achieve his dream of doing his internships and professional cooking experiences in France with Gastronomie France. In 2019, he finally made it! and the experience he lived there was so impactful that it changed his life forever. His good performance, positive attitude and great motivation left an indelible mark on the place that gave him the opportunity to grow and learn. And not only that, his passion for cooking led him to be hired in 2022 to continue developing in the country he loves so much!

Yanira Parra

Get ready to discover this young Chilean woman who took off into the world with her GF project in 2020. Her journey took her to a land full of charm and culinary delights: Nantes, France! She has been immersed in the world of Gastronomy and her passion for pastry and bakery is noticeable. Undoubtedly, this passion for flavors does not stop at any obstacle. During her time abroad, she stood out with her unwavering dedication and focus. Now, with her baggage full of acquired knowledge and skills, she is back in her beloved Chile, where she is letting all her creativity flow. She has always been a cooking enthusiast, but her true gift shines through when she finds an irresistible motivation, like the one she found in France – her ability to absorb knowledge quickly left everyone who met her on her gastronomic adventure in French soil speechless!

Patricia Menendez

Meet a talented Peruvian cook on the rise, a student of the Tourism Training Center. Passionate about gastronomy, she decided to take her talent to the top. For six months, she had the opportunity to perfect her skills at an impressive Château in the captivating city of Toulouse, France. Her insatiable motivation and desire to grow both personally and professionally made her excel at every step of her experience. Raised in a country blessed with unparalleled gastronomic diversity, this talented cook had the privilege of delighting in the flavors of all the regions of her beloved Peru since childhood. Her love for cooking was cultivated in the recipes passed down from generation to generation by her grandmothers, who were influenced over the years by the different cultures that came to these lands. From a very young age, she discovered her passion and dedication for creating culinary delights that captivate the senses.